I can bring my emotional message of personal transformation to your business, professional organization or conference. My story details my search for fulfillment while on sabbatical in the south of France. With insight and humor, I challenge my listeners to have the courage to change.

If you’re looking for a speaker for your next event, here’s my two-minute promotional video:

I have presented my story to groups as diverse as an insurance company, a business forum and a charitable organization.

This is what my clients are saying about me:

“Bill Crow is a unique and engaging speaker, with great humour and even greater humanity. He dances us through our own personal journeys of self-discovery.  Bill effortlessly weaves thought-provoking life vignettes with an uncanny connectivity with his audience….in the most wonderful and magical of ways.” 

Izumi Miki McGruer Regional Manager – London Life Insurance Company

“Bill shared his story with our Executive Forum.  It was a thought-provoking account of how we can all challenge our beliefs and limitations, and led to deeper discussions after his departure.  Bill was both humorous and a natural story-teller; his story included some challenges that got the audience thinking.  I highly recommend Bill and I look forward to inviting him back to another forum as guest speaker.”

John Phillips Forum Chair – MacKay CEO Forums

Do you want to spice up your event with thought-provoking entertainment? Contact me anytime at bill@crowbc.com.